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TruCryo design and manufacture the revolutionary Kaasen range of cryotherapy equipment in the UK. Using unique and patented technologies, the Kaasen is the world’s most versatile lightweight, portable hand-held cryotherapy tool.

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Revolution in Cryostimulation

Each model in the Kaasen range has software protocols to safely guide the user through treatments applicable to their chosen sector. Whether you are an athlete, trainer, physical therapist, aesthetician, dermatologist, or involved in equine rehabilitation, there is a model to suit your needs.

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Cryotherapy applied via Kaasen is the most effective modality to date that I have introduced to my clients. And they love it.

David Jenkins, Professional Sports Therapist


We are using CryoStimulation as an integral part of our physical therapy treatments, with great results. In many cases the CryoStimulation has relieved pain and reduced inflammation more quickly than other methods of treatment. We highly recommend CryoStimulation as a part of physical therapy treatment to any therapist.

Agnieszka Hawrysz, Sports Injury Clinic Physiotherapist

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